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Dealing With My Feelings

Naming a feeling takes away the fear of it. If we know what the feeling is, we can understand how to deal with it.

Emotions are part of the human experience. They have an influence on how we interact with others, but we are not always taught how to handle them appropriately. We can be quick to react based on what we feel in that moment, instead of letting the emotion pass through the body and responding once we feel calm.

This diverse interactive workbook helps children (and their parents!) identify and process a wide range of feelings by using charts, “choose your own emotion” lists, and fill-in-the-blank exercises. As readers work through each interactive page, they will feel empowered, educated, and encouraged to identify and overcome even the most puzzling emotions.

Learning to deal with our emotions can help us with conflict resolution and to better handle daily stress—no matter your age.



Amen Kaur has a BA in psychology and is a certified mindfulness facilitator, born and raised in Canada. She practices mindfulness in her daily life through daily meditation and creative outlets like writing, designing interiors, or arranging flowers with her son.

Being a kid is hard. It was never easy for her growing up as a Sikh minority, which is why Amen puts in a lot of effort to have a diverse and inclusive approach to her work.

Her own childhood struggles have provided her with an understanding of how hard it can be navigating the world as a child, and how difficult it is to parent compassionately without the right tools. For this reason, she loves to continue learning and sharing mindful parenting information through her instagram blog.

After several years of continued meditation, mindfulness, unlearning and  self-healing practices, Amen Kaur was inspired by her son to write her book Dealing with my feelings during the 2020 pandemic period and Co-Founded POM Life Products- a brand focused on creating products serving Peace Of Mind.

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Mindful Parenting Blog

Amen Kaur is a mindful parenting advocate and started this Instagram blog page after 6 years of practicing gentle (using respect and empathy) mindful  (parenting with awareness of our emotions) parenting techniques because for her, it has been life changing.

She always knew she wanted to parent differently with an emphasis on connection, but soon fell victim to her conditioning which is how she discovered gentle parenting practices- searching for answers. She felt this information needed to be more readily available and began sharing it on this page. 

She is passionate about cultivating emotional intelligence and is committed to unlearning harmful generational patterns, while continuously working on healing so the next generation can do even better. 

Through this page, she has found an online community of wonderful like-minded humans who are learning, healing and growing alongside her as she continues to raise her son.


"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen